10 Timeless Transformation Truths

No matter what you want to transform... Your Body, Your Mind, Your Behavior or Business These Truths Might Help You

Course Summary

10 Timeless Transformation Truths looks at how we transform our lives.  Each truth goes through examples and questions to help you transform.  Do you want to transform your health, business, physical body or life in general?  You can use this to help you. After watching and observing people transform for many years there are some very important details to remember.  The goal is not a short term, fix but rather a long term actionable program for you to use. 

Course Curriculum

Jeremy Belter - Visionary Entrepreneur - Fitness and Nutrition Coach - Course Creator

There are three things Jeremy is more passionate about than anything:

1. Seeing people, like you, transform their lives through new, healthier habits and routines.
2. Seeing businesses within the Fitness and Wellness industry growing and thriving, despite potentially adverse conditions of the market.
3. His Christian faith, which drives him to use his talents to help others.

Jeremy works tirelessly to educate, empower and envision his clients, helping them step into everything God made them to be.

Through over 30 courses, Jeremy has been able to help over 15000 students, from over 130 countries, become the best they can be.

And all of this from his humble beginnings from farm country in rural Minnesota.

Jeremy knows what it is to struggle.

And he knows what it takes to overcome.

For years he struggled to build a fit, functional, healthy body that would allow him to become the college athlete he had always dreamed of being.

Eventually, after much trial and error, and having learned everything he possibly could about physiology and fitness, he discovered the secret and was able to become a College level athlete.

Not in just one sport.

In two.

(And he still graduated with a double major and nearly a triple major)

After college and without sports, a geographical move and aimlessly working different jobs.... He fell into bad habits, bad health and even feeling depressed.

But then one day everything changed... It was a book that helped him begin a career and physical transformation change. He finally had his life's mission and vision created. It is his prayer that he can be that catalyst for you.

Since then, Jeremy has made it his life work, as a professional personal fitness trainer, to help people step into everything God has for them, both in business and in health.

(And with over 20,000 personal training sessions under his belt, there are literally hundreds of people who have benefited from his vast knowledge.)

You see, he believes that everyone is built to reflect the image of God to the world.

This could be through transforming and repairing the amazing body God has given you…

Or through making the most of the business skills God has planted in you to build a thriving, successful business that really helps people in your community…

or maybe it’s as simple as helping you lose a few pounds, build your fitness back up so you can keep up with your children and be the best parent or grandparent you can possibly be.

Whatever it is, Jeremy is passionate about using his talents to help you.

Here are a few things people have said about Jeremy and his work:

I loved this short course to kick start my year! I plan to follow the 10 habits in the first 20 days of this year to make it my best year yet! Thanks for helping guide my path!" Jodi

"I recently started working out with Jeremy and appreciate his approach to personal training. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of health and fitness and is eager to help find the root of any obstacles getting in the way of your success. He customizes a realistic plan that fits easily into your lifestyle and fitness level, with an emphasis on injury prevention. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to become healthier and more fit." Karen

So, whether you need help with your fitness, help to build your Health & Wellness business, or simply want to feel fit and energized again, take a look at the courses on this site and jump in.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Finally, if you are worried that you have been injured or hurt in the past, and that you are never going to be able to get back to the fitness levels you once had, take a look at what these two clients have said:

"Jeremy is a knowledgeable and trustworthy trainer who I would highly recommend. He is a great person who cares about each of his clients as individuals. Workouts are always geared toward individual needs and abilities. Jeremy pays attention and is always worried about his client's well-being. I am getting great results with Jeremy even though I am spending less time working out than I ever have. I have gone from working out 4-5 times/week for 1 hour to working out 2 times/week for 30 minutes. It has reduced my stress level and I have so much more time to spend with my family and friends. Jeremy has also played a significant part in rehabbing my chronic back pain. He suggested stretches, changed exercises in workouts, and was constantly monitoring my progress." Julie

"I am a 29 year old woman who has been working with Jeremy for 2 years. I have significant health issues that make losing weight extremely difficult. Jeremy has helped me lose weight, stay focused, and provided a positive atmosphere with short workouts. I have tried everything and Jeremy is the only one who has helped me lose weight. I am stronger, learning a lot, and am getting fit. Jeremy is great and is rewarding every time you work out." Kathleen

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch now, or sign up for one of Jeremy’s courses, and let him help you become the best version of you.

The person you were meant to be.

Become an inspiration to your family and friends again.

Become even more of a hero to your kids again.

Become everything God made you to be.

Sign up now.

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"I have been looking for this information for a very long time. I was put on a diet pill and was given no direction on how to control my weight loss or how to maintain it once I started losing. Once I stopped the diet pills my doctor prescribed me I started to slowly put the weight back on." Gale

"I think that this is one of the best nutrition courses. It's not only because of being very well structureв and presented. But mostly because of the main idea of the program: Find your own way to organize your eating process according to YOUR goals, priorities and preferences." Five Star Creation Nutrition Testimonial

"I have been looking for this information for a very long time. I was put on a diet pill and was given no direction on how to control my weight loss or how to maintain it once I started losing. Once I stopped the diet pills my doctor prescribed me I started to slowly put the weight back on." Five Star Ultimate Weight Management Testimonial

"Nice sequence of exercises. These short period burst type exercise routines are excellent for athletics prep. First course I have seen that focuses on this." Five Star 5Minute Workout Testimonial

"Overall, great course and recommend any one who wants to spend less time browsing what exercises to do and wasting time and money on different plans. You should give this a try." Five Star Fit in 30 Minutes a Week Testimonial

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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